Ropes & Gasket

Heatex offers a wide range of Asbestos-Free Thermal Insulation Ropes and Lagging, which serve as ideal replacements for asbestos in various industrial applications. These ropes and lagging are available in different braiding constructions, shapes and materials, catering to various industrial applications.

Our insulation ropes and lagging have exceptional thermal insulation properties and retain their integrity without shrinking or expanding within their designated temperature ranges. This reliability ensures optimal performance during application.

Commonly utilized in Boiler, Oven, Furnace, Fire Doors, Crucible packing, and Pipeline insulation jobs, these products provide a reliable and safe solution for thermal insulation needs.

Round Braided Rope/ Square Braided Rope/ Rectangular Rope/ Lagging Rope/ Twisted Rope

Fiberglass/ Ceramic with SS wires



Fire & Heat Resistant
Fire Retardant

Coated & Laminated