HEATEX non-asbestos rope has many excellent capabilities that made it an ideal replacement of asbestos. It will not shrink or swell in service and is completely incombustible. 

  • flexible & comfortable
  • high tensile strength to weight ratios
  • low density
  • high temperature resistance
  • low thermal conductivity
  • better insulation

Applications include boiler, oven, furnaces, fire doors, wood stove doors; crucible packing, pollution control equipment and pipe insulation.

Material: Fiberglass — 550 °C
Thread: Fiberglass, PTFE, Kevlar
Material: Ceramic — 1260 °C

Lagging 12 to 50 mm
Twisted 1.5 to 50 mm
Soft Braided 10 to 50 mm
Round Braided 3 to 50 mm
Square Braided 3 to 50 mm
Rectangular Various sizes
Tubing Various sizes
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